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Why Am I Still Red Three Weeks After Lux 1540? Is This Normal For Asian Skin?

I am 23 with Asian skin. I took Lux 1540 on November 30 on my cheeks and I am still fairly red. It is much redder after I use my glycolic cleanser, but even after it's calmed down it's still noticeably redder/bronzer than other places on my face and there is a noticeable border. What the hell happened? As far as I was told, redness should've gone away in about three days. I've barely gone outside, and when I went out I always used sunscreen. How could this have happened in the first place?

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Redness after 1540

I would have discouraged a patient from using a glycolic cleanser after this type of treatment. This likely contributed to the prolonged redness of the face. Other factors to consider are the energy parameters used in your case.

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