Stage 2 Garment After BBL?

I have been trying to wear a waist cincher on 3rd week post BBL. Today I am about 1 month post operation and got myself Fajas Disenos D'Prada garment that suppose to be stage 2 post BBL. It feels snag and I am a bit nervous if I shoud stick to wearing vest waist cincher because I do not want any pressure to minimaze my BBL outcome . Or should I wear compression garment in order my buttocks to get molded to the shape. Please help me , I am pretty much confused at this point

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Don't Compress the BBL


If you feel like the second garment is compressing your buttocks too much you may want to stick with the original garment a bit longer.  Specially designed garments for BBL patients should always support and mold the buttocks but NEVER compress them excessively.  You should probably go back to your surgeon and make a plan together with him/her.

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