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Is This a Normal Result 17days PO FTT/MR/Lipo of Flanks? Rolls? (photo)

Hi I am 17days PO from a FTT/MR and Lipo of Flanks. I took the pics seated early in the morning immediately after removing my binder and CG (I wear them both together) . I understand swelling is normal, but I have a feeling this is not just your average swelling. I have included my before pics as well, any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance. Body stats: 4,11" , 122 lbs.

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Evaluate the appearance of a 17 D.O. Abdominoplasty.


Unfortunately your photos do not allow me to accurately compare your pre and post op condition. If you have both a frontal and side view taken standing of your presurgery appearance, then take the same pics postop. Send these in and then a more accurate evaluation can be made

Web reference: http://thecosmeticsurgeryinstitute.c

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Is This a Normal Result 17days PO FTT/MR/Lipo of Flanks? Rolls?


Unfortunately none of these photos a satisfactory enough to make much in the way of useful comment. Sitting and lying down photos are not standard views, and without both pre- and post-ops in those positions, they are not helpful.

I do see improvement on the side views, but they are opposite sides for before and after. For fair comparison the photos should show the entire abdomen, and a bit above the bra line, a bit below the the lower part the the undergarment. Please consider posting such photos for more useful comments and recommendations. All the best. 

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