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Squishy Bump on Implant Scar?

I had silicone unders 8 1/2 wks ago & I feel a squishy lump or like bubble around my scar in breast crease on one side. What is this? I also still have some light pains in breasts & my nipples feel bruised to the touch, mostly my right one which is my dominant side & has most of the feeling back. Should I be concerned about either? They still haven't really dropped consequently but I'm massaging to try to expedite the process!

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Possibly a fold in the breast implant palpable your the scar.

In areas with little soft tissue coverage a fold of the prosthesis can feel strange as pressure causes it to yield abruptly. This can be easily diagnosed by your plastic surgeon.

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Squishy Bump on Implant Scar?

Most of this sounds generally okay but the "bump" around the scar is potentially a concern, and not something that can be addressed via this forum.  It's probably alright but, just to be sure, I'd advise that you contact your PS.

Good luck,

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Bump by implant incision

Without an exam it is so difficult to say what this could be. It is best in this instance to speak to/see your surgeon.

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