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Squeezing Blackheads 10 Weeks Post-rhinoplasty

I have been squeezing my nose to get rid of blackheads. I had my nasal bones broken and taken in and a hump shaved. Also, the PS used cartilage from my nose to give my drooping tip some support so my nose will look straight. Can I do any permanent damage by squeezing my nose to get rid of blackheads? Is the cartilage used for the tip strong enough to withstand squeezing blackheads out? I'm concerned... THanks

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Blackheads after rhinoplasty


It is common to get blackheads after rhinoplasty surgery as the nose is often taped and has a plastic cast on it.  Ten weeks after surgery, it is unlikely that you could move grafts or your nasal bones with gently pressure.  However, I encourage you to explore other options to treat your blackheads such as pore strips, clay masks, facial steaming as digital manipulation can lead to scarring around the blackheads.

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