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Can Sweating Reactivate my Oil Glands and Make Acne Come Back After Accutane?

I ended my accutane a month and a half ago and want to start exercising because i've been pretty sedentary for the last months (during treatment). Of course i'll shower right after any exercise, but i wanted to know if exercising is risky because it reactivates oil glands and stuff. So it'd be counterproductive, wouldn't it? if accutane has "stopped" my oil glands and i'm "starting them up" again. Is there a risk of acne relapsing due to exercise (sweating,...),...? thanks in advance

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Accutane and exercise


I'm unsure why you were sedentary during your treatment course. This is absolutely not necessary. Did someone tell you that it was? If your acne is going to return, it will return regardless of exercise, and then, yes, you may need another course of Accutane or another form of treatment. But exercise shouldn't be avoided - it's not why you got acne!

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