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Nerve Pain on Penis from C02 Laser - Is There Hope I Will Heal? (photo)

I had co2 laser treatment to remove PPP from penis 2 months ago. Damage from laser was extensive. Wound healed well in 2-3 weeks. At 6 weeks, ache/burn in penis 'switched on' and been having nerve issues ever since. Comes/goes at different severity. Had 4 days free but it returned. Corona always hypersensitive to touch. Had a few 'shocks' at times. Nothing on web. Is there hope it will settle? Can I do anything? Lyrica & amitryptiline ineffective. At about 10 weeks post treatment..

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CO2 Laser indications and Complications



Sorry you have had to deal with this pain and problem, and for photos. Can you say a little more about what exactly the type of laser was, and add a timeline to your pictures?

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