Which Smile Makeover Methods Produce the Most Subtle Results?

I want to correct a chipped tooth and whiten my smile a bit. Which procedures are best, yet not too dramatic looking?

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Subtle Results

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If you are looking for a subtle change that is not drastically noticeable, there are several whitening options you could consider.  Zoom Whitening is a very popular option because it is one visit.  If time is not a concern, take home trays are also an option.  For the chipped tooth, dental bonding is a quick, efficient method to help improve the appearance of a damaged tooth.

Omaha Cosmetic Dentist

Subtle Smile Makeover

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It sounds that you would like to enhance your smile, but are not looking for the "Hollywood" look.  A conservative option in your case would be to do Zoom whitening.  After your teeth are a color that you would be happy with you could then proceed with  composite bonding to correct the chipped tooth.  This would definitely be subtle, but a nice improvement I'm sure.  Good luck.  

Scott Young, DDS
Houston Cosmetic Dentist
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Smile Makeover for a Chipped Tooth

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If your main concern is to whiten your teeth and correct a chipped tooth then your options are simple.  First whiten your teeth either by a take home whitening trays or in office whitening like ZOOM.  Once you have achieved the desired colour of your teeth you can either bond the chip or do a  porcelain veneer.  But if for any reason the condition or amount of tooth that is chipped off is large than a porcelain crown would be required. 

Dan Haas, DDS
Toronto Cosmetic Dentist

Subtle Smile Changes

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Most dentists can provide you with a couple of options to whiten your teeth a little..... or more than a little..... depending on what you want. Small chips in teeth can be treated most conservatively with Direct Resin Bonding. How well this works depends on what is causing the chipping and if it is an ongoing threat to the teeth. Clenching, grinding or even nail biting can seriously damage any type of cosmetic dentistry.

Ted Murray, DDS
Dubuque Cosmetic Dentist

What are my options for a smile makeover

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Hard to answer this question without seeing photos but the most conservative treatment is going to be teeth whitening (trays, zoom or KoR) followed but some bonding to fix the chip.  Another options would be to whiten and place porcelain veneers but that would require some tooth preparation.  Hope this helps

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Cosmetic Dentist
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