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Sore Upper Arms 2 Months After Smart Lipo - Normal?

I Had SmartLipo Two Months Ago on my Upper Arms and They Are Still Sore. Is This Normal?

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Soreness after SmartLipo

Soreness, focally, is not unusual after liposuction on any body part.  It can be tender to the touch, and painful with movement.  At two months symptoms should be tolerable but if you are very muscular and there was a lot of liposuction, then it might be sore longer. As you had SmartLipo which uses a laser to heat the tissue, you should be seen by your surgeon to make sure that you are healing satisfactorily and that there is no complication.

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Sore arms after liposusction

While it is common to have some soreness soon after the procedure, it is uncommon to be sore at two months post liposuction. I would see your doctor to get evaluated.

Steven Wallach, MD
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