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Is It Ok/smart to Pay for a Deposit a Year Before Your BBL Prcedure?

Im currently on deployment but I want to pay my deposit to lock in the price that was given to me. I dont know the excate date but I know I will be having it done between mid Jan to End of Feb time and, I already know the doctor I want to have my procedure done by so should I pay my deposit now

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Deposit Now?


I would talk to your PS and discuss your issue. I am sure he would honor your current quote when you return. Good luck!

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BBL Deposit


Explain your circumstances to your surgeon.  Considering that you are serving the country, the office may make an exception for you without paying a deposit. The surgeon's office may be responsible but your family may need this money while you are on deployment.

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Discuss this directly with your plastic surgeon as they will arrange whats best for you



Thank you for the question.  I would discuss this with your plastic surgeon as it is likely that they will honor the quote until you come back from deployment.  You may have to place a small deposit to reserve the date and they will let you know what the rescheduling or canceling policy is.  Most plastic surgeons will honor their quote for a year and willl let you reschedule the procedure without issue.

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Dr. Remus Repta

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