Is It Possible to Look Smaller Switching from Saline 550cc to High Profile Silicone 600-700cc?

I recently changed from 550cc saline implants to 600cc-left and 700cc right high profile silicone. It has only been a month since my surgery and they seem small.. Is this possible?

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Implants feel smaller

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The implant volume went higher. What you may be seeing is swelling masking the outline of the implant like you had before.

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Breast Implant Size Change Inadequate For Expectations

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Clearly your breasts are not smaller since you have larger implants. Undoubtably what you feel is that the size change was not significant enough. That would not be a surprise on your left side because the size increase is only 50cc or 9% bigger than your original volume. Such a change can barely be seen. The right side has a 27% change or 150cc which should be more noticeable but if it was an originally much smaller breast, it too may not have been enough of a difference.

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