Small Sore Bruise Lump in Left Breast? (photo)

I am 4 days post op from having capsular contractor revision surgery on my right breast, I've now got a bigger implants and on left breast near my cleavage there is a very sore small movable lump, please advise me, will this go intime? It hasn't changed in size since it appeared , day 2 post op

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Bruised Lump after Breast Implant Revision

The bruised lump after breast implant revision may be a fluid collection, small hematoma, bruise, or suture reaction or suture abscess.  Follow up with your plastic surgeon.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Small Sore Bruise Lump in Left Breast?

In the absence of fever, chills, sweats, etc., it's relatively likely that it is a small problem and, even, that it may go away on its own.  However, at four days post-op that is not something you can reasonable take for granted.  You should contact your surgeon and discuss it with him/her.  You may need to be seen in person just to be sure.

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Small Sore Bruise Lump in Left Breast? (

Among other possibilities is a defect in the capsule from the first surgery that permitting the implant to "herniate" through that area. This may improve as the capsule reforms. . 

But there are numerous other possibilities, and it will take an actual exam to make a determination. Please call your surgeon to discuss this.

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Small lump after implant surgery

A small lump can be many different things. It is best to be seen in person in order to properly assess it.

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