Small blood clot after transconjunctival bleph?

Hello all, I just has transconj bleph, and to it went quite well, I barely feel any pain and eye are functioning perfectly normal. However, I noticed what seems like a small blood clot, right in the middle of where my left eye bag was. It basically looks almost exactly like a mole. Of course it wasn't there before. I called the doc and they said it is fine, probably the location of the anesthetic injection, a bit of bleeding will be absorbed later. Is this true? Do I have anything to worry about?

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Bruises do happen and yes they go away.  One side almost always lags behind the other so it is helpful to be patient.  If you want a more concrete answer, consider posting actual photographs.

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Blood clot

Hi Bubbagump.  It is hard to give advice without seeing a picture. Bruising is common after blepharoplasty, and from what you describe, I don't think you have anything to worry about.  If you are concerned, I suggest you see your plastic surgeon.

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