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Is Skin Scarring Permanent After PDL Vein Treatment to Face? (photo)

I had PDL veing treatment done on my face 2 months ago. My left eye swelled up pretty bad, but the swelling went away after a week, no blister or brusing, BUT, I have a scar left on my skin under my eye which hasn't gone away. The scar looks like a small raised triangle & around the scar is indented & probably the result of tissue damage under the top layer of the skin. The technician told me that it would not be permanent but I'm affraid. Is that normal & will it go away? Thanks. Mandy

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Scar from laser treatment


  Unfortunately the scar would not go away by itself. It may fade over number of years . It can be significantly improved with fractional resurfacing , fillers including fat.consideration can also be given to injection of PRP(Platelet rich plasma)

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