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Will I have enough skin to do do a scar excision for my keloid? (photos)

I want to remove a keloid on my face and I'm worried about stitch indentations showing after the sew skin back together.. Also will I have enough skin to put back together? The keloid is about an inch in lent hand 3cm in width?

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Kenalog vs. Excision for Keloids.

Hi SH.  We would not recommend a surgical revision at this point.  The problem with performing surgery on an existing keloid is that there is a very high recurrence rate, especially in an area where you cannot use compression after the surgery.  

We would highly recommend a skilled injector of steroids (we use Kenalog) to flatten the scar.  It's cheaper, easier and has much less risk associated with it than a surgery.  

See the link below for an example of flattening a keloid with Kenalog.

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