Am I Going the Right Size and is Tear Drop Good for Me?

I am 5'3 and weigh 8 stone 3, i am 25 and have 3 beautiful children i used to be a 32b and am now a 32aa/a i am having my boobs done on thursday and am having 340cc and tear drop shape. I have no breast tissue and the length between my boobs and shoulders are not very big so am i right to be going with tear drop shape and is 340cc ok although my top half is very slim? thank you

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Choosing the right size with breast augmentation

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In my practice, I ask the patient to bring in photos of what she wants to achieve after surgery and when I am in the operating room, I use temporary sizers to see what size implant will give the patient the  breast size they are looking for. I normally don't use teardrop implants because I have seen teardrop implants shift and therefore completely change the shape of the patients' breasts.  If the patient wants a "natural look", I try to achieve that with the pocket dissection instead of using teardrop implants.

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