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My Brother's Wife Has Got a Spider Nerve Scar on Face. Her Nerves Are Visible on Face? (photo)

dear sir, the person whose photograph is attached has got a visible scar on face after child birth. The size of the scar is constantly increasing. Please guide as to how to get rid of this scar

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Several options.

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What you show in the photo are very small spider/capillary veins.  These are not scars or nerves.  There are 2 options to treat these types of veins and it is important to note that 3 to 5 treatments may be necessary.  There are several types of lasers which work well and also fine needle microneedle radio frequency.  Ellman had a very efficient microneedle radiofrequency to treat these veins and ohmic theromlysis which is essentially microneedle radiofrequency with VeinWave or VeinGogh will work also.

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Laser for facial telangiectasia

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A pulse dye laser is ideal for these veins as they are very small. One or more sessions may be needed. I don't recommend sclerotherapy for these small facial veins.

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