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Possible to Have Silitex Augmentation Only on Upper Nose Bridge?

I am a Asian. My nose has a pointed tip, not flat or bended. So I dont want any nose tip work but a bit higher bridge on my bridge from the mid-part. Is it possible to have augmentation only on upper nose bridge using silitex which can be offered in my country?

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Rhinoplasty to augment Asian nasal bridge


Asian augmentation rhinoplasty is usually performed with silastic implants.  The ones that we prefer are manufactured by Implantech and are the Flowers nasal dorsal implant.  They come in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes.  The size is determined at the time of the consultation.  They have an excellent safety record and are tolerated quite well by patients.  This will give a nice dorsal augmentation to a flat Asian nose.  

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Asian rhinoplasty


Siltex is a breast implant/expander made by mentor. Silitex is a Korean company that makes contamination control fabrics. I assume you mean injectable silicone or a silicone nasal implant. Your choices for augmenting the bridge are your own cartilage or an implant (solid silicone, goretex or medpor). Each type of implant has its own pros and cons.

Once you have decide what to use for the bridge augmentation the next question is what part of the bridge to augment. You will have to either use double thickness over the upper half of the bridge, cut some cartilage and use a single thickness over the whole bridge or only augment the upper half of the bridge. I prefer the first option. If you only augment the upper half of the bridge the bottom of the implant in the middle of the bridge will not look good. In that case crushed cartilage is a better option but the amount of augmentation would then be more limited. There is an implant that only augments the radix area (concave area at the root of the nose) but I do not think that would work for you.

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Asian rhinoplasty to augment nasal bridge


Yes, it is possible to augment just the nasal bridge with an implant  when having a rhinoplasty.  You referred to Silitex, this is a brand of breast implant, I believe you meant injectable silicone or a silicone implant.  Of the two, I would strongly suggest a solid silicone or silastic implant over injectable silicone.  Should you develop an infection after the surgery, the solid implant will be much easier to remove than injected silicone.

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