I Have Silikon 1000 Fillers in the Eyebow Area to Reduce Wrinkles. Can I Also Use Botox in That Area or Forehead?

I Have Silikon 1000 Fillers in the Eyebow Area to Reduce Wrinkles. Can I Also Use Botox in That Area or Forehead? forehead.

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Fillers and botox

Depending on which area the filler and botox are introduced, there can be higher risks of complications. Thick fillers have been rarely associated with complications in the glabellar region (between the eyebrows) and should be avoided there. Injecting botox at a time different from the filler, could be a safer approach if a doctor ends up using a thicker filler. In this way there is less volume delivered at one time to this area. I do not inject silicone, but there experts who do treat as an off-label use. Silicone in the glabellar region, should be avoided in my opinion, and possibly near the eyes and tip of the nose to avoid the rare risk of traveling via the blood stream during the injection which could threaten the vision of the eye.

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Silicone and Botox Done to Same Area

We do a lot of silicone injections in our practice and we often inject botox into the same areas where silicone was placed.  Depending on the area and the nature of the dynamic and static wrinkles, we may not do them on the same day, but still both in the same areas without any complications.  I recommend you do your Botox with the doctor who did your silicone injections. 

I Have Silikon 1000 Fillers in the Eyebow Area to Reduce Wrinkles. Can I Also Use Botox in That Area or Forehead?

 Yes the Botox should have no effect on the previously injected silicone, which I do not recommend.

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#Silicon oil for facial soft tissue augmentation

this is a risky procedure. with all due to respect to the doctor who did the procedure for you I must say just be very carefull about getting more filler or botox in that same area. if u have to do it consult with your doctor who placed the Silicon in the fist place and make sure u follow up with your doctor very closely to make sure u dont get disfiguring scars.

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The answer is yes.

Recognize that the silicone oil is always associated with tissue scaring and this may affect your treatment results.  Discuss the situation with your potential injector and recognize that each post silicone oil injection patient presents unique challenges.  I strongly advise you to avoid future silicone oil treatment.  Yes this is a medical grade silicone oil but it was never intended to used as a facial filler and this treatment can irreversibly damage your appearance.

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