Silicone Micro Droplet Treatment Migration to Lungs?

Can One Silicone Micro Droplet Treatment Migrate to the Lungs? I Had One Treatment a Year Ago and I'm Still Scared from Hearing This. 

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Siicone innjections


I am not a fan of silicone microdorplet inejctions. I have seen plenty of patients with granulomas and FLF's (funny looking faces) after too much has been injected or placed too superficially.

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A well-performed microdroplet, serial-puncture silicone treatment will not lead to migration of product.


In my practice, I have found liquid injectable silicone to be a safe, permanent, and precise off-label filler. During a typical treatment, less than 1/5 of a teaspoon of silicone is used. I have not seen migration of silicone in any of my patients. The permanence, and lack of migration has been well documented provided the proper technique of administration is employed.

I hope this is helpful for you.

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