How Many Silicone Injections Do U Need?

which is more safer silicone or fatt transfer?

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Silicone Injections


i assume you are asking about silicone injection to the buttocks. Bad Idea. Do Not Do It.

The risks are very high and long term problems are unsolvable. any deaths have occured from "Pumping Parties"

 There is no medical grade  silicone for injections except by ophthalmologist for detached retina.

Its use as a filler is not approved

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

How much silicone is needed to make a pleasing correction


Silicone, when administered in Microdroplet Technique, is an excellent filler. There is no strict number of sessions or amount needed. It is based on the original area to be augmented or filled, and the pleasing end result. it is done in multiple sessions, and in a conservative manner. Since it is permanent, we always go slowly. More can be placed, but none of it can be pulled out. I always urge patients to be patient. The results will be worth it.

Barry Resnik, MD
Miami Dermatologist
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