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Shouldn't my Silicone Implants Be Feeling More Natural?

If you're muscular and never had children, shouldn't silicone implants feel more natural? I have silicones under the muscle, and they feel like rubber balls stuffed in me. I understand that silicone implants are supposed to feel more natural than saline. Will the tightness eventually go away to the point that it feels like natural breast tissue?

I am doing some agressive massaging, but they don't seem to budge much (2 wks postop). The tightness under my nipples don't seem to want to stretch.

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The implant pockets must be too tight.


You already know what I think, stomachsleeper!

The implants feel tight for the same reason that they are too high. The implant pockets are too small and not low enough. I really feel terrible giving you bad news, and I hope I am wrong.

Another word of advice: I don't think aggressive massage helps, and it can even be harmful because it can cause extra internal scarring around the implants. This is controversial, but that's what I have noticed.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Too soon to tell...


Just be patient... Ultimately, it can take a month or so before any breast augmentation patient starts to feel normal again. Silicone implants are very soft. The softest would be a smooth implant (as opposed to textured). This is usually an individual surgeon's preference in which implant you have, but most are smooth. Remember too that if you have a large implant and started with relatively little breast tissue, your breast will feel like the implant. If you have tight skin, it may take a bit longer for the implants to feel soft than if you have skin that is more loose and accepting of the implant.

Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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Silicone gels are softer only if working as intended


The texture of breasts are merely a physics problem. It relates to volume. type of filler, and pressure. Silicone implants outside the body are softer than saline implants until you try to compress the volume into a smaller space. This increases the pressure which translates into firmness. A silicone implant can feel firm if the implant is too big for the space into which it is placed or if the capsule of scar tissue that normally forms around the implant starts to contract. If your muscles were not released surgically or does not stretch to allow the implant to live comfortably in its pocket, this will also cause the implant to feel firm. Contracting your muscle will also produce temporay firmness that is normal. Two weeks in still quite early and your implants may get even more firm as collagen is produced to form the capsule. This collagen will start to remodel and mature in a few weeks when you might notice a gradual softening. While no one except your surgeon can predict what is truly causing this initial unnaturalness, most will encourage you to stay the course and reserve judgment for at least a couple more months.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Two weeks is very early after silicone implants



Initially all implants, saline or silicone, will feel unnatural. As swelling goes down and your muscle swelling also goes down, they will start to feel more natural.

Most patients can begin massage of their implants by about 2 weeks after surgery, but some take longer.

I would give it a month before you are too concerned. Trying to force massage if there is still swelling and pain can be counterproductive. Mainly keep your doctor advised and be patient.

Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon
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2 weeks post-op from breast implants


2 weeks post-operative from breast augmentation surgery is way too early to say your implants feel like rubber balls. You have to give it some time for the pockets to relax a bit and the swelling to dissipate. This may take a few months.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Firm feeling silicone gel implants, only 2 weeks post-op



On the RealSelf site you will find many Q&A posts about firm implant texture soon after surgery, including several from me. You will typically need 6-8 weeks to begin to notice significant softening. Stop massaging unless your surgeon has instructed you at this early stage.

You should not expect a silicone gel implant to feel softer than a saline filled implant (misconception).

Other factors are more important than the fill material of the implant. Your youth, muscular build, surgical technique, pre-existing breast tissue, implant size and fill volume, etc. will all make a difference in eventual softness.

Greenville Plastic Surgeon
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Too soon to worry, but....


Hi there-

I think that it is still too early to make a judgement on your outcome, as implant outcomes routinely take between 3 and 6 weeks to fully evolve, and this is especially true in younger women who have never experienced pregnancy.

Having said that, I would be a bit concerned that this might indicate an inadequate pocket...

Give it at least another month to 6 weeks, then together with your surgeon, make an assessment of your outcome and any necessary adjustments.

Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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Only two weeks


If you are only two weeks postop, it is too early to expect softness. You still have some swelling and the implants are new to your body so you have to get used to them. Give it some time and the soft feeling you are expecting will happen. Discuss your massaging technique with your surgeon. You don't want to be too aggressive in the early stage of healing as it may cause more inflammation and prolong your recovery. Be patient

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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It takes 2-3 months for breasts to soften after breast augmentation


Immediately after breast augmentation surgery the body swells. The implants stretch the covering breast tissue which grows for the next 2 -3 months and then they usually feel softer.  Keep up the massage. 

Sacramento Plastic Surgeon
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