Silicone Injections in Lips/now Juvederm XC and 9 Days out Tingling Still?

Constant tingling and pain from the lip injection on my top lip. I wonder "IF" injecting the Juvederm XC into the top lip on top of the previous injected silicone (which had been in there for years. My question is will the Juvederm XC gel which was injected on top of the silicone mix then adhere to the minerals in the silicone to cause this great amount of tingling, like pins and needles... Open to help and comments please.

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Juvederm Injected into Lip After Silicone


There shouldn't be any problem having Juvederm injected into an area (this case the lip) where silicone was previously injected. The tingling and pain has nothing to do with that, but it is likely related to your recent Juvederm treatment. I suggest you follow up with your injector if it persists.

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