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Embarrassed About Having Liposuction

concerned that i'll always need to hide my lipo experience from even my good friends.  embarassing! am I wrong to feel this way?

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You are not alone in being embarassed about considering liposuction. Many feel guilty about using surgery instead of other means to achieve their goals. Talk to your friends about your decision, and you will be surprised that many will share your feelings. Ultimately, it is a very private decision and should be kept that way.

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Best to Keep Your Liposuction Experience Private


You are not wrong to want to keep the fact that you have had cosmetic surgery or Liposuction private.

Of course you will want to discuss any surgery with a spouse or significant other.

However friends and acquaintances may not approve or understand your motivations.

A careless comment or disapproval from a friend can hurt your feelings and reduce the joy you feel after having any self improvement procedure including Liposuction.

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The stigma over cosmetic surgery and treatments is...


The stigma over cosmetic surgery and treatments is slowly receding, given the widespread exposure of this field on TV, in beauty magazines, and on the Internet.

  • If you are thinking about a cosmetic procedure but are embarrassed to admit it, start out by having conversations with friends or family members to get feedback on their perception of the procedure. You may be surprised to find out that one of them has had something “done” too, but just never brought it up.
  • Cosmetic treatments are becoming more popular as techniques improve, societal acceptance is gained, and less invasive treatments become available. Did you know that among women, breast augmentation was the #1 cosmetic procedure performed in the US in 2006 (383,000 performed-Source: ASAPS), and the Botox injections was the #1 nonsurgical procedure performed (over 3 million treatments performed- Source: ASAPS)
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Remaining Confidential with your Liposuction


Many patients wish to remain private with their surgery.  Some patients stay overnight in the outpatient center, or go to a nearby hotel after surgery for privacy reasons.  This is common and very acceptable. 

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Cosmetic surgery is private


Many of my patients desire privacy and there is nothing wrong with that. Your healthcare is between you and your doctor. As long as you are comfortable withthe procedure and your plastic surgeon believes you are a good candidate both mentaly and physically then have your procedure and enjoy those benefits.

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Lipo Experience


It is understandable to feel the need to preserve your privacy. However,cosmetic surgery is gaining increased societal approval.  Voice your concerns to your family and see what their reaction is.  I am sure that you will find your family and close friends will be very accepting that you had liposuction.

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Embarrassed about liposuction


It's not wrong to feel how you do. What about changing your perspective?

Liposuction is not wrong - it's an excellent way to change your proportions.

Diet and exercise can't do this.

We Americans are a self-help people.

Good friends will support your decision. Critical friends? We all have them. You are right to not confide in them.

But make some supportive friends too.. You deserve it!


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Liposuction- Should I tell, or should I say it was diet and exercise?


Plastic surgery is always a personal, private decision. Most of my patients who do liposuction have tried to lose weight with diet and exercise.Their weight is stable. They do liposuction not to "lose weight" but to sculpt. Reduce the love handle bulges over the jeans or thighs which rub together.

Should you tell?

I will repeat, it is a personal, private decision. I don't think you should be ashamed. Liposuction is not a weight loss technique. It is great for people who have a problem area, or for those who gained weight. It can be hard to get to your ideal weight and shape.

If you are comfortable, I think it is good to be honest. I am dismayed by the celebrities who say they "eat broiled fish and exercise", when it seems clear to most of us they have had surgery. Liposuction has been one of the top three plastic surgical procedures for the last decade, and the number of people getting cosmetic surgery continues to rise.

But for those who don't know you well, feel free to say it was diet and exercise. To maintain your liposuction results, that is not a fib- you need to have a good exercise and diet regiment.

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Liposuction and cosmetic procedures should be personal


You should seek out an experienced aesthetic physician, preferably board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to achieve rejuvenated but natural appearance. Thankfully, most cosmetic procedures available can be performed in a relatively discreet fashion. Whether or not you choose to share your decision to pursue liposuction or any other cosmetic procedure is personal. Work with your aesthetic physician to minimize down time, e.g. tumescent liposuction without general anesthesia, taking Arnica and avoiding blood thinners prior to filler injecitons, so that if you choose to keep the procedures to yourself, you can.

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Cosmetic surgery is a personal decision


Cosmetic surgery is a personal decision. Many patients agonize with it for years before making a final choice. But it is a choice. 

Best Regards.

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