Shooting Pain That Radiates to Underarm and Nipple After Under Muscle Implants?

I have shooting pain on left breast which radiates to underarm and sometimes nipple. it gets worst if i lay on my stomach or if i lift breast towards chin. Doc says i have no contracture im 8 months post under the muscle with mentor high profile 550 in each implant what could it be?

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Pain following breast augmentation

Intermittent pains are common following breast augmentation.  These pains are usually brief and should resolve without intervention.  My patients usually require a weekend away from work following surgery.  They often will have intermittent aches and pains for few weeks, but these should not interfere with work or with daily lifte.  I have seen patients with intermittent aches and pains for 6-9 months following surgery, but this is quite rate.  If this occurs after six months and the pain is localized, I would suggest a kenalog injection.  This is a corticosteroid anti inflammatory.  Of course, this should only be used if the pain is localized rather than generalized and if it can be safely injected without puncturing the implant.  The risk of pain and other issues following surgery is higher with larger implants. 

I am not sure that massage with be productive at this point. 

I hope this helps!!


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