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Sharpness in Left Nostril After Rhinoplasty?

Hi I got my rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago and I feel sharpness in my left nostril , it feels like there is something lodged inside. When I look up the nostril I can see white dry mucus , is it dry mucus? Or could it be something else? It is also very uncomfortable and quite painful . Also when I touch the left nostril it is tender on the outside . Will it resolve on its on ? Or is the something I can do ?

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Sharpness in nostril 3 weeks post-rhinoplasty


Three weeks is too early to look at the details in and around the nose so closely. I suspect this issue will soon resolve. However, if you have continued concerns, see your surgeon so he/she may re-evaluate you.


Good luck!

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Mucous or Contour Abnormality After Rhinoplasty


It is really hard to tell what it is short of examining your nose. I would highly recommend you reconsult with your rhinoplasty surgeon who should be able to answer this question within seconds.

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