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Will severe swelling after labiaplasty go completely back? Or will the swollen area remain larger than its original size?(Photo)

I have had labia majora reduction and clitoral hood reduction for 7 days ago and have severe swelling on one of my labia minora, which I did not operate at all. The swelling has not in any way decreased yet and I can barely walk or sit. My doctor tells me he has seen cases like me before but that it will take another 3 weeks before I can expect to see a reduction. Is it possible that it will completely go back in size or is it physically not possible when having an abnormal swelling for so long?

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Swelling after labiaplasty

It is indeed completely normal to have swelling a week after most any surgery including labiaplasty.  It is also normal for the surrounding tissues to be swollen as well, even though they did not have any surgery done directly to them.  Healing after surgery occurs in specific stages which takes months so be patient with "Mother Nature".  Glad to help.

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Your swelling WILL go down...

as it seems to take longer for genital swelling to resolve since its in a dependent area.  Give yourself time and you can critique your results 2 months post-op.  Allow your surgeon to help you through the recovery and let your surgeon know of any concerns, should they develop.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Swelling after labiaplasty

This is always an easier question to answer after a physical examination. It is quite typical for patients to be very swollen, even on her nonoperative side 7 days out from a procedure. If the swelling is relatively soft and can be compressed, it is likely just swelling and not a blood clot. This does indeed usually resolve by 3 weeks or so. Everybody heals differently though. I wish you the best of luck with this.

David Janssen, MD, FACS
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Labiaplasty, swelling, recovery period

Thank you for your question. Patients differ in the amount of  (edema) swelling after surgery and the amount of time for the swelling to resolve. 

Most commonly, asymmetric swelling can be from hematoma ( collection of blood in the tissues), which may or may not require evacuation, infection, and irritation.

Most importantly is that your surgeon examines you on a regular basis until the swelling resolves. And yes, it can take several weeks for the majority of the swelling to subside.

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