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I Have a Severe Diastasis Recti, How Do I Find a Surgeon to Meet With (photo)?

I have done research and know that there are surgeons that have and do repair diastasis recti, usually laprascopically. How do I find a surgeon that has performed this procedure? I've searched ABPS but short of calling every surgeon who does TT I'm not sure what else to do. I do realize I have a loss of skin elasticity as well from 3 pregnancys howver the stomach protrusion is my main concern.

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Treatment of severe diastasis recti with a short incision tummy tuck

There are now several options for patients who require less skin removal than tightening of the fascia.


While endoscopic abdominoplasty is a possibility, or abdominoplasty through a C-section like incision, there are many steps between a mini tummy tuck and a full tummy tuck, each with its own indication.


In your case, there is considerable fascial looseness, with minimal skin looseness.  This would be a good indication for a low, short incision abdominoplasty.

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I Have a Severe #DiastasisRecti, Finding a Surgeon.. (photo) ANS:

There are a number of procedures that can fit your particular needs, from a repair only of the diastasis to that plus an aggressive tightening of the skin and it really depends on what your personal goals are. If done endoscopically, however, you wont have much skin tightening. But a great place to start is with a board certified Plastic Surgeon!!!!!! maybe close to you....maybe a neighboring say...Scottsdale.....for example....

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Severe Diastasis Recti

Most surgeons would not perform a diastasis repair without also performing a tummy tuck. Though the loose stretched out skin of your lower abdomen doesn't seem to bother you now, it will get even worse if your abdominal wall is tightened and then you would regret not doing the complete tummy tuck. Doing the skin part of a tummy tuck would be much more difficult if a diastasis repair was performed previously.

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Modified mini tummy tuck

You will likely not get a satisfactory result with a true laparacopic repair. What may work is a short scar endoscopic assisted modified mini tummy tuck. Call my office to arrange a skype consult.

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Severe Diastasis Recti,

If all you want is the diastasis repair and no tummy tuck, you can google endoscopic hernia repair Sacramento and you will find numerous listings. Some of those surgeons will do diastasis repairs, but some calling within this smaller listing may be needed. I would suggest cross referencing with the American College of Surgeons listing to assure that you are getting a board certified surgeon. 

There is a possible issue to be aware or though. If the repair is rather large, there may be some buckling of the abdominal skin as it is carried to the midline with the abdominal muscles. If that occurs, a tummy tuck is the only way out. Most diastasis repairs are done in conjunction with a tummy tuck. 

Thanks for the question and the photos. Best wishes. 

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I Have a Severe Diastasis Recti, How Do I Find a Surgeon to Meet With (photo)?

Call the Am College of surgeons 800-621-4111 or the ASPS 847-228-9900. Ask for surgeons who perform Lap Surgery. 

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