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Nose Tip Still Painful Years After Rhinoplasty

I am almost 2 years post Septoplasy/Rhinoplasty and my tip is still very painful when I kiss someone. This is so disappointing. A kiss should not be painful. Why is this?

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Nose tip pain after rhinoplasty

Pain in the nasal tip after rhinoplasty is highly unusual two years out from the procedure.  Seek advice from a rhinoplasty expert.

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Nose should not be painful two years after a septorhinoplasty

The nose should not be painful two years after a septorhinoplasty. Continuing soreness in the tip may be dependant upon the tip techniques used, structural cartilage grafting and sensitivity of the nasal skin.

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Rhinoplasty pain

It is unusual to have pain in the nose this far out. It could be a chronic infection or tip cartilage that is thinning out the overlying skin. Hard to tell without an exam. I would see a rhinoplasty specialist in your area.


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See a revision rhinoplasty specialist

In more than 30 years of doing thousands of Rhinoplasties, I have never heard of this problem. You should see a Rhinoplasty specialist to examine your nose and find out if there is an undetected problem.

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