How Can Hydosolve Liposuction Work for Fat Transfer?

HydraSolve liposuction combines natural saline solution with low levels of pressure and temperature, to liquefy only targeted fat tissue and so forth. It is FDA approved for fat transfer. Here is my question - if schlerotherapy is (from my understanding) injecting a salt solution to destroy varicose veins then wouldn't the saline solution in Hydrosolve destroy the blood vessels the fat transfer needs to survive? Has Hydrosolve done studies to show their system is optimal for fat survival?

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Hydrasolve for fat transfer

Few points - sclerotherapy uses hypertonic saline which is a very high concentration of salt water to cause vein destruction. In all forms of liposuction we use much lower salt water concentrations - in fact very similar to what is in our own tissues. Hydrasolve uses this same solution to wet the tissues and other similar fluid is used in the liposuction cannula to help cleave the fat particles into small clumps which are then used for fat grafting. There are extensive studies from the Hydrasolve company which show excellent fat cell viability

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