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Scratchy Pokey Discomfort in Eyelid?

Is it possible for stitches to be accidentally left in eyelid? When I open my eye or look up it feels as though a scab is being open. That's what I thought previously cos it was healing and I didn't dare touch the eyelid at all. But now that it is healing and there are no scabs I pressed the area and found sharp sensations. It feels as though I am pressing on stitches and it is poking me inside. Is this possible?

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Eyelid discomfort


More detail would be helpful, like which surgery you had and how long ago.  If you have this type of discomfort, you should see your surgeon so he/she can investigate.  If your surgeon was not an oculoplastic surgeon, you'll likely want to see one or a local ophthalmologist.

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