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Sclerotherapy on arm vein. Do I have to worry about blood clots?

I had sclerotherapy done on a vein in my arm 3 days ago. I talked to a plastic surgeon after and she was shocked that they did a vein in the arm. Now I'm scared to death I'm going to die from a blood clot. What are the risks of doing arm veins and how long do I have to worry about a blood clot happening?

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Arm vein sclerotherapy is safe

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The incidence of a deep vein clot moving into the lungs from the upper extremities is 1%. What you have injected was a superficial vein - so, the superficial vein would have to extend into the deep veins of the arms and then embolize the heart and lungs - MUCH LESS than 1% - so, don't worry. The plastic surgeon is not well read on treatment of upper extremity varicose veins. Find a board certified vein specialist from the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine (ABVLM). 

Risk of clot in arm veins extremely small.

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Hand veins and arm veins can and are safely treated by both laser and sclerotherapy.  The treatment of veins in this area is strictly a cosmetic procedure but can be done extremely safely and with excellent cosmetic results.  I have never heard or read of any reporting of clots developing following arm/hand veins sclerotherapy, and certainly, the chances of a clot forming are less than a clot forming in leg veins following this treatment which is very low.  I have been treating arm/hand veins for years with both laser and sclerotherapy without ever having a clot (DVT) form. I do not think that you need to worry.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon
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