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Scars and Indentations After Smart Lipo

Loved the answers re: 5yrs later scars and indentations after smart lipo to my chin causing burns and uneven chin line. Had facelift 1yr prior and was left with fat behind the chin scar. My surgeon widened the scar accross the jaw line and I went for a consult to have that repaired. She suggested there was residual fat left that could be removed with smart lipo. Burned on both sides of the chin scar with debridement and dents. I'm afraid to do anything else but hate the way this looks.

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Check back with the doctor who did the procedure to see if it can be fixed.


 Check back with the doctor who did the procedure to see if it can be fixed.  If you doctor is a skilled and experience cosmetic surgeon, he/she should know how to improve your scars.  If not, seek consultation with and Plastic Surgeon or Dermatological Surgeon who specializes in treating deep burn scars.

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