Scars After Chemical Peeling is Normal?

i had gone to the dermat for pigmebtation treatmemt n he did chemical peelin on my skin by burning those areas.. n nw its been mre than 20 days.. those areas which he had burned had left out brown scars on my face... its been a long time.. n the marks are nt goinin.. n m scared abt it.. as i hav my intervies in 15 days..

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To me this sounds like hyperpigmentation  but I could not say without certainty if  I have not evaluated you. You may have not been a candidate for the peel you received. It may have been too strong, a wrong combination of acids, or your skin type may have caused this possible hyperpigmentation.

First, have you been applying SPF cream daily? These spots can also be caused from too much sun exposure. I would call or return to the physician, and voice your concerns.

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