I Have Scarring Above Right Nostril. If I Get Kenalog10 Injection There, Do I Have to Wait a Month to Get Injection on Supratip?

I have scar tissue above my right nostril. It looks bad but my biggest fear is getting a pollybeak. If I inject the scar tissue above my nostril and then after a few weeks god forbid start getting scar tissue on my supratip would I still have to wait before I inject it. If I start getting scar tissue on my supratip i want to inject it as soon as possible so i don't get a pollybeak. I am three months post op btw. My doc says he uses kenalog 40, I would like kenalog 10 or 20.

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Waiting for Kenalog injections

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If there is no supratip fullness then it seems unlikely that scar will form at a later date. You should let your physician choose what treatment, how and when, rather than rely on what you might have heard.

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It is rare to have "scar tissue" above the nostril. make sure that this is not the alar cartilage you are feeling. As for the supra tip, you can have a kenalog injection. However, the 40 is very concentrated. Perhaps you should start with the 10.

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