Could Scar Tissue from Removal of a Lipoma in Breast Cause Future Problems?

I have been diagnosed with a Lipoma in my right breast. As I understand it, they are generally benign and do not turn into cancer. Due to the history of breast cancer in my family, I am being pressured to have it removed. Is it really in my best interest to do so, or could the surgery cause future complications?

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Breast Lipoma


If you are absolutely 100% sure that it is a breast Lipoma, it does not really need to be taken out unless it is growing rapidly. Unfortunately, without a biopsy what most doctors say it that the mass LOOKS LIKE A Lipoma but without getting it out (IE an excisional biopsy) they cannot be absolutely sure. It is for you to decide. Are you willing to have a small scar on the breast and know one way or another OR are you willing to assume it is benign and leave the breast intact but take a small chance it could be cancer.

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