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Can Scar Tissue Build-up Beneath the Skin and Lumps/Dents After Liposuction Be Improved?

I am 10 months post liposuction on my abdomen. I had a small fat deposit and the area around my belly button suctioned. I have a seroma develop very early in the area where the fat deposit mid-way up my abdomen developed. It was drained and did subside, but now I am left with a hard lump of scar tissue that creates a bulge in that area. I also have lumpiness and dents around my belly button area. I am a thin person, so this is completely disfiguring. Can anything at all be done?

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In the following linked video, I show the results of a patient presenting with agressive liposuction lumps and bumps that was fixed with a full tummy tuck procedure. Forward to 6:13

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Lumps after liposuction.

Ultrasound may help, but if they are there after a year, you will need to have a revision done by an experienced liposuction surgeon.

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Hard lump after liposuction

It is very unusual to develop a seroma after traditional liposuction unless one of the other technqiues like Vaser or smartlipo were used which use some heat to accomplish their results.  Ultrasound may help soften the area.

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Hard lump after seroma from liposuction

There may be a few things that can be done to soften the hardness and even out the contour. Your surgeon, or a board-certified dermatologic or plastic surgeon may be consulted to see if deep massage, corticosteroid injections, external ultrasound, or focal liposuction and fat injections can be carefully and focally done to address these changes. Risks do exist and after your examination the physician should review them for your situation.

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