Scar Revision or Laser? Nebraska and Iowa?

I have attached a photo of my thyroidectomy scar. It formed a keloid (I believe from intense irritation after radioactive iodine). I had some injections and now the texture is awful, although it is finally flat. I have recieved multiple IPL laser treatments. I am now considering scar revision or additional laser treatments (Fraxel?). What do you recommend and how can I see improvement on this? By the way this is a 14-15 month old scar and still very red. I am 30 years old and depressed over this

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Neck scars can be improved with vascular laser

A vascular laser works best for this type of scar.  Surgery may increase your chance of recurrence. Surgery90210. I have treated many of these with a combination laser, IIT, and surgical reexcision.

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Laser treatment for red scar

Pulsed dye laser treatment would likely reduce the redness of the scar.  Multiple treatment sessions are typically needed for best results.  Non-ablative fractional laser treatment such as Fraxel would also be expected to provide some benefit.  I would start with pulsed dye laser given the red color.

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