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I Got my Scar Removed on my Forehead but when the Scab Came off You Still See It , Why?

i got it removed at the doctors with some liquid and the scab formed in 3 days and came off within about 4 days and now i use a cream but you can still see the scar with a white surrounding it, will it come off?

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Lack of improvement in forehead scar


It is impossible to deduce what was done based on your history. Photos would be very helpful to give us some idea about the scar prior to the treatment and your early results. Scars do take up to one year to mature and look their best. It is possible that your scar will continue to improve over the next year but it would be much more helpful to know what was done and see a picture.


Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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More information and photo are needed to help solve your problem


Unfortunately it's not possible to give you any further information this way.  Please repost with a before and after photo and details on the procedure used and the cream you are using now.

Thank you.

Short Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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