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Will I Scar if the Healing is Delayed from a Jessner's/35% TCA Peel?

Day 10 I was diagnosed by doc with an allergy to ointment,sunscreen and polysporin and put on a hydrocortisone 0.2% cream and not put on anything but that 3x's daily. I had been to doc on day 7 after having red spots(notraw)from day 1 and slow peeling but she said everything looked ok. I developed razor burn-like bumps on jawline and sandpaper texture on peeled skin and was peeling unevenly on days 8&9. Day 11 now slowly getting redness down but have some unpeeled spots,sandpaper texture.

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You seem  to be under the care of a good Doctor. Continue with your doctor's advise. It will take time but you are on the right tract

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