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Pellieve and Radiess Combo?

I am planning to get a Pelleve treatment. Is there a period of time that I should wait after my treatment before a have Radiesse injected? I have heard that laser treatments tend to dilute fillers that have already been injected in the skin. How would the two treatments interact if the laser was performed first? Thanks!

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Pelleve facial skin tightening can be done with Radiesse

Radiesse is injected deeply and the Pelleve radiofrequency skin tightening does not penetrate as deeply so the two can be done the same day, with Pelleve being first so that its handpiece is touching skin that has yet to be injected. Pelleve can be done a day after the Radiesse and won't penetrate into the plane of Radiesse deposition. 

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Manhattan Dermatologist
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Any Laser Treatments and Radiesse


   Although Radiesse is usually injected at a deeper level, laser and filler should be separated by several weeks at least to be safe.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Pelleve and Radiesse combination treatment


If you have the Pelleve treatment first, you should be able to have the Radiesse fairly soon afterwards.  As long as you are healed from the Pelleve treatment, it should be fine to inject the Radiesse.  If the Radiesse were done first, then you would need to wait a longer period of time before having the Pelleve treatment.  

San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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