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Saline or Silicone Implants?

Hi! I've wanted implants for a while(I'm now 20, I know I'm young but this is something I've thought about for years, and finally feel like I'm ready)and am having a dilemma about what kind of implants to get. Since I'm under 22, I beleive I can't have the Silicone type, but that would be my prefered option. I realize I will probably have to go under the muscle and thats okay, I have very little breast tissue, I weigh approximately 110 lbs and have an a-cup. What do you recommend?

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Small breasts with limited skin and breast thickness.


I would advise you not to have saline implants and wait until you are 22 years old (the age where the FDA allows a woman to select gel implants). 

I would suggest that you consider textured gel implants placed submuscularly when you are ready for a breast enlargement and be very conservative in your size selection...

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Gel vs. Saline filled implants

An overfilled saline filled implant in a thin patient is not a good idea. The implant can look to round and it increases the risk of rippling along the edges of the implant.  If you are thin and your breast is going to be more implant than you then you will always do better with a gel filled implant.  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Z

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation

You will need to find a Plastic Surgeon you are comfortable with.  Consider waiting until you are 22 years old and get the silicone gel implants.  In the long run the gel implants will be more natural and softer. 

Jay H. Ross, MD
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