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Saline Breast Aug Do They Get Bigger After Swelling? (photo)

I am 3 wk po and I asked for a big C almost D at first with all the swelling I thought I got what I wanted but once the swelling subsided I'm like a small C? I asked my ps and he said they're still a little swollen when the swelling goes away they will get bigger? True/False??

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When swelling subsides...


As the swelling subsides, your breasts will look a little smaller.  What your plastic surgeon may have been referring to is that when your implants drop, you will notice more fullness in the lower portion of the breast. 


Size Problems with Breast Implants

Unfortunately, as the swelling goes down the size of your breast may be a bit smaller.  it is important to communicate your desired result with your surgeon prior to surgery through pictures.

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Saline Breast Aug Do They Get Bigger After Swelling?

Something was "missed in translation"!!! After swelling the implants will look smaller not bigger. I'm confused by your statements. Seek further clarification. 

Concerns about Breasts Size after Breast Augmentation?

Thank you for the question and pictures.

There is a lot of discussion surrounding breast size change after breast augmentation surgery.  Some patients feel that their breasts look larger after the swelling around the breast implants dissipate;  this may be because the effect of the breast implants becomes more pronounced once the surrounding swelling subsides.

Other patients feel that the breasts look larger as a breast implants “drop and fluff”;  it may take several months for breast implants to fully settle  and for patients to see the final breast size.

My best advice for patients is to not judge the final results of surgery until they are at least 3 to 6 months out of their procedure. Otherwise the potential for disappointment ("I'm too small or too big") is significant.  also, I suggested patients do not judge the final result surgery and base their “happiness” on a specific cup size,  that can vary depending on who makes the bra.

In your case, I would suggest continued patience and follow up  with your plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

Breast aug swelling

Patients often will say their breasts appear to get larger as they heal...this is due to the resolution of swelling around the breast mound that can make the breast appear smaller at first....keep in mind that there are no strict industry standards for cup size and one manufactorer's c cup may be another's d cup...also european bra cups are often sized differently than patient...

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon
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Do They Get Bigger After Swelling?

It may seem self-contradictory, but it can be true. Much has to do with perception. In some patients the swelling that occurs will be largely around the edges of the implant, and this can decrease the apparent contour of the enlarged breast and make it appear smaller.


I might also add that it is not uncommon for women to think the implants look larger the first few days after surgery even if there has been no change in the size and swelling, etc. 


Sometimes the shock of the change wears off quickly and what looked large at day one looks not so large a few weeks later.


Patience.  Best wishes.

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