Non-surgical Facelift vs Neck Lift for 51 Year Old Women?

I'm a fair skinned 51 y/o redhead, and I need my jowls/neck lifted. Due to my thin skin and tendency to scar easily (scars from 20 y/o tubal and 10 y/o breast reduction still keloid/red), I'm looking into a "non surgical face/neck lift". Do I have any other options that wouldn't involve scars in front of my ears? How much would it cost? If the results last typically 2 years, can it be repeated later, or once done, that's it? Thank you!

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Non-surgical neck lift

A non-surgical neck lift does not exist.  There are some skin tightening lasers that may gie about a 20% improvement to the skin but do not produce a neckl ift.

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Nonsurgical Face and Neck Lift-ThermiTight

The ThermiTight is a radiofrequency device that targets the underlying supportive tissue to regenerate collagen and elastin, the supporting structures to the skin. This is associated with little to no downtime and can take several months to see the final result. ThermiTight is a great alternative to a surgical necklift in the appropriate candidate. It can produce excellent skin tightening results that allows someone the option to avoid a surgical procedure. There is a limit to how much skin laxity can be treated with ThermiTight so you would need an evaluation to determine if this device is right for you

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Non-surgical Facelift/Necklift

Thank you for your question.  For obvious jowls and skin laxity, non-surgical options are not ideal and not permanent.  The ideal procedure is a facelift or a necklift.  Your concern about scarring is a very common question amongst patients.  The scars designed for a face and necklift are meant to be hidden within natural skin creases, folds, and hair and normally heal very nicely and inconspicuously.  Though it is important to know your scarring history and tendency, the face does heal much differently than the body and keloids or hypertrophic scarring from a neck or facelift is much less common.  When the scarring is not ideal, it can be treated initially with a simple steroid injection to help soften the scar formation.  Scarring should not deter you from having an in office consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.  I hope this helps and best wishes to you.

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Nonsurgical Neck & Face Options

There’s a large number of non-surgical procedures that are available for the treatment of facial aging.  Unfortunately none of these procedures effectively treats facial aging when skin sag is present.  For this reason, surgical intervention is usually required when significant facial aging is present.

Without a physical exam or pictures, it’s hard to know what procedure is best for you.  Since you have jowls and redundant neck skin you will probably require a facelift combination neck lift procedure. Under these circumstances, incisions will be placed in front of the ear, behind the ear and beneath the chin.

Although, you have a history of scarring following other procedures, facial incisions tend to heal nicely.  In addition the location of the incisions makes them hard to see. For these reasons, adverse scarring is unusual following facelift and neck lift procedures.

Non-surgical procedures are usually not effective for treating facial skin sag.  For this reason, your options are limited and you will probably require surgical intervention.  It’s therefore important to consult a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in this area.  This surgeon should be able to help formulate an appropriate treatment plan. 

Nonsurgical facelift versus neck left or 51-year-old woman

 There are 3 components to the aging process in the neck that must be addressed to fully rejuvenate the neck. These are loose facial and neck skin, fatty deposits above and below the platysma muscle and looseness of the platysmal muscle itself. There is no non-surgical treatments that can address all 3 components.  When the jowls need to be lifted in addition to the neck work described above, then a lower face and neck lift will need to be performed. For many examples, please see the link below to our facelift photo gallery

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Non surgical face lift

I don't believe any of the non surgical lifts work long term. Most incisions in the front of the ear heal very well so don't be afraid of a face lift. 

Non Surgical Facelift or Neck Lift Options

Thank you for your question.

There are many non surgical modalities that are marketed as non surgical Facelift or Neck Lift.

In a word, they disappoint. The best results achieve only a 20% tightening. In my experience patients have to look carefully at before and after photos to see any improvement.

Read the link below for an honest appraisal on non surgical skin tightening.

Non-surgical facelift for a bad scar-er?

facelift scars are not like breast scars. also get those red scars treated, they need some TLC, simple kenalog injections should do the trick. the preauricular incision in fair people is a low scar risk, even in you.  I promise, I haven't ever had to revise a preauricular scar. good luck

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A Non-Surgical Facelift is Like a Non-Driving Car: It Doesn't Work

In Facial Plastic Surgery, I have one piece of advice: beware of gimmicks. When a patient wants to have significant changes in the neck and jowls, there is only one option that works. That option is a skillfully performed Facelift. Some minor benefit may be achieved with Thermage and skin tightening treatments, but a significant result is unlikely. Likewise, a quickly performed "branded lift" as seen on infomercials is likely to leave you a few thousand dollars poorer and unhappy with your results. Read this website and research your options carefully.

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Non-Surgical Facelift Options


It sounds like you could have a combination of non-surgical treatments and achieve significant facial rejuvenation without any visible scarring. Seek out a plastic surgeon in your area doing Slim lipo for the neck, fractional CO2 laser and Sculptra. Signs of facial aging consist of three elements: 1.Effects of gravity especially in the neck, 2. Loss of facial volume, 3. Changes in your complexion

I have had success in using this combination.

1. Slim lipo for rejuvenation of the neck tightens the skin and reverses sagging. Very small 1 mm scars in hidden areas. Check out my before and after photos for results with this technique.

2. Sculptra treatments are an excellent way of restoring facial volume

3. Fx fractional CO2 laser resurfacing works very well in my hands to safely resurface the face. I combine this with a medical grade skin care line of products.

Hope this helps.

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