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Is It Safe to Have Repeat Lipo in Neck/jowl Area?

I had liposuction along the jawline and jowls about four years ago but either the skin didn't tightened or laxed again over time, not along the jawline but further back. I would like to try lipo again to remove the remaining tissue but is it safe to use lipo in the same area as one previously did. Does scar tissue from the previous procedure make doing the procedure again more risky or problematic?

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Liposuction will not tighten skin in the neck/jowl area

Liposuction is not necessarily a treatment to tighten the skin, although when done properly a small amount of tightening does occur. A 2nd lipo procedure is only necessary if there is still remaining fat, it will not help with the tightening. There are better options available for skin tightening in the jowls/neck region. 

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Repeat liposuction is not good for lax skin

If the first round of liposuction left you with skin laxity, a second round will likely only make that worse regardless of the "magic" you hear surrounding laser lipo procedures.  If skin laxity is the problem, some form of facelift is the best option to improve that.

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