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Safe Post-op Painkiller Alternatives to Acetaminophen? I Have An Allergy.

I am allergic to acetaminophen (anaphylactic shock) and need to know what safe painkiller alternatives there are for me (for tummy tuck mid Feb 2012). My PS prescribed Percocet for first 4 days post-op but I discovered at the pharmacy that it contains acetaminophen! (they wouldn't even fulfill my prescription). I was also also told switch to Extra Strength Advil on day 5 post-op. But won't this increase my chances of bleeding complications so soon after my surgery? I'm scared! Please help!

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Non-acetaminophen pain meds

There are actually quite a few other choices for patients with these allergies. Still, I'm glad the pharmacist noticed the error!

You could use any of :  demerol tablets, Ultram, Nucynta, codeine tablets - these are all available without the acetaminophen. 

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Allergic to acetaminophen

I agree with Dr. Sowder - your plastic surgeon should not have prescribed percocet - did he or she know about the allergy?  You can get oxycodone without tylenol in it.  A good transition after narcotics would be tramadol - again without the addition of tylenol.

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Allergy to Tylenol

Jeeze, you should take this up with your surgeon before you have your surgery.  If he/she knew you were allergic to Tylenol, he/she was in error writing you for Percocet.  Kudos to the pharmacist for picking this up.  Narcotic pain meds are available without aspirin or Tylenol. 

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Tummy tuck and allergic to tylenol, acetaminophen

One alternative to consider is the use of a pain pump with pain catheters for the first three days.  You can then be transitioned to ibuprofen or some other type of NSAID that doesn't contain tylenol.  Stay well-hydrated. Some surgeons advocate the use of Toradol.  Discuss these details specifically with your plastic surgeon and come up with a plan before you undergo the tummy tuck.  Good luck. I hope this helps.

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Alternative to acetominophen after tummy tuck

Since the withdrawal of Darvon the alternative to acetominophen in our practice has become tramadol (Ultram). The tablets are helpful for some, not as much as narcotic preparations, though they just might do the trick for you. Ask your doctor.

Best of luck,

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Safe Post-op Pain killer Alternatives to Acetaminophen?

Unfortunately acetaminophen is present in most prescribed oral opiates used after surgery. How did your Plastic surgeon prescribe Percocet knowing that you had an potentially fatal acetaminophen allergy? I would have him discuss the situation with your allergist and a pharmacist and see if they can agree on what can be safely used in your case. It may have to be compounded for you.

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Tummy Tuck and Medications?

Thank you for the question.

You are  seeking answers from the wrong people;  your plastic surgeon will manage your postoperative pain medications.  You should make him/her aware of your allergy  and seek an alternative medication.

Best wishes.

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