Is It Safe to Fly After Breast Augmentation & Lift?

I will be travelling overseas for a breast augmentation next week. I plan to stay near my plastic surgeon for 7 days then I will be flying home. It’s a 9 hour flight home. A blood test 3 weeks ago showed that my platelet count is raised at 470 which I believe is due to the fact that I have no spleen and had a tummy tuck in November. I have advised my Plastic Surgeon of this and he says its fine however I am feeling anxious about the surgery and the flight home. Any advice appreciated.

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Flying after breast augmentation

My strong recommendation is to have your surgery locally.  Short term and long term follow up are facilitated.  Implants are imperfect mechanical devices, and the implant-tissue interaction develops over time and can be unpredictable.  If you have rippling, wrinkling, infection, seroma, scar issues, implant malposition, or any other problem mandating revision, this will be more easily (and less expensively) accomplished if your surgeon is local (not to mention the thrombocytosis, potential for clotting, issues with security, baggage, pain, etc.).

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One of the greatest risks with any surgery is DVT. Though the risks are low, and intraoperative precautions in our practice are always taken, a long flight may predispose you to the problem. I would suggest using a compressive garment on the flight such as "skins" and walk around on the plane often. 

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Yes, it's ok

Jes, it is save to fly after the surgery, but it is recommanded that you should use same shots against thrombo-embolya.

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Breast Augmentation and Travel

I would recommend you pick a plastic surgeon closer to your home.  In addition, given your platelet history, I would recommend a formal evaluation by a internal medicine or hematology specialist.  Best of luck. 

Flying after Breast Augmentation

Getting on a long flight can always increase risks of clots in your legs (Deep vein thrombosis, DVT). The stress of having a fairly complex surgery can increase those risks a little further. I would recommend that you get up every hour or two to stretch your legs, do calf raises, and knee bends. You might also look into wearing Ted Hose (special support hose). All things considered, you should be ok for the flight.

Now, whether you should be flying 9 hours away to have a very complicated operation like a lift and augmentation is another story. THAT you might want to reconsider.

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Safe is a relative term...

and somewhat ill defined in your situation.  Certainly flying 9 hours to a surgery, then flying back 9 hours one week later with a platelet count of 470k is not safe compared to flying 9 hours and not having surgery.  You should reconsider traveling so far for surgery or staying longer.  Good luck!

Flying Home after Breast Augmentation with Lift

I prefer for my patients to not fly for 2 weeks post surgery, such that I can ensure a safe and full recovery.   If there are any wound care issues or concerns, it may be necessary to delay the flight home or arrange for followup care in your hometown.

In regards to your splenectomy and elevated platelet count, I would recommend consultation with a hematologist prior to leaving to ensure you are not at an increased risk for blood clots.   I am a firm believer in taking all steps necessary to minimize risks and complications during elective cosmetic surgery.

I wish you a safe and healthy recovery.

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Is It Safe to Fly After Breast Augmentation & Lift?

We perform over a thousand procedures on patients from out of state. I think the main issue is the type of procedure and the typical down time from that procedure. Early ambulation is the key to prevent blood clots. Our patients that have augmentation and lift are ambulating the day of surgery and we typically ask them to stay for several days to allow us to take care of any complications that could arise. I think the risk with this particular patient is the length of the flight. Anyone would be at an increased risk for blood clots with a 9 hour flight. All persons on a flight of this length need to get up several times and move around the cabin.

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Breast augmentation and flying

Flying after breast augmentation and lift is concerning if you have to lift your baggage which will require use of your pecs which I discourage following surgery.

Is It Safe to Fly After Breast Augmentation & Lift?

If by saying yes here over an internet Q&A site alleviates your concerns than you are being foolish. We, all, of us posters do not know you or your medical history. Like was your TT locally or did you fly for that? If it was local than I would advise to stay home. The real issue is the altitude and flight time. You are statistically higher to have a real complication by traveling. That is to say you might be OK but if things go south it could be your life. Good Luck.

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