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Is There Any Possible Way That I Can Recieve Corhne's Disease After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I'm scheduled to receive my rhinoplasty at the end of the month. What I'm slightly worried about if there is a chance of getting Corhne's disease through the procedure. Why I'm curious is because my mother had rhinoplasty at age 17 and right after developed deadly Corhne's and her doctor's say it could have triggered it to come out or the infection got in her through her nose somehow. My main question is could this possibly happen to me since it happened to my mother, Could I get corhne's?

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Is There Any Possible Way That I Can Recieve Corhne's Disease After Rhinoplasty?


I assume you're inquiring about Crohn's disease. The age of onset is usually between the teen years and thirty. I am not aware of any published link between surgery of any kind and onset of Crohn's. It is most likely to be a coincidence that your mother developed this problem following rhinoplasty. With that said, we don't know what causes Crohn's and it is impossible to say that you would or would not develop Crohn's disease regardless of your choice to pursue surgery. I hope this information is helpful.

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Is There Any Possible Way That I Can Recieve Corhne's Disease After Rhinoplasty?


Any stress can cause the appearance of an underlying disease process. Best to discuss with your surgeon and your primary care doctor. 

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Crohn's disease, an inflammatory-inmune disease


Plastic surgery is safe and a risk to get a disease by this is rare. Crohn's disease is an immune-mediated disease that is characterized by chronic intestinal inflammation. As your mother had the condition you have the possibility to develop the disease through time, Crohn’s disease is not transmitted through a surgery so you should go to consult your doctor if you have inherited the disease or not. Best wishes!

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