Ruptured Breast Implants Removal and Lift at the Same Time?

I'd like to have my ruptured breast implants removed and have a breast lift done at the same time. I've heard it may be better to wait, but I'm worried I won't be able to afford it then (removal is covered by insurance). If I wait, I'd have to pay for anesthesia and room again. Also, what would generally be the price for anesthesia and room? And is it ever done together? Benefits and cons please. Thanks!


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Breast Implant Removal with Breast Lift

When breast implants are removed the breast is usually left with a deflated look. In order to improve the breast appearance a mastopexy or breast lift is needed. The type of breast lift depends on the size of the implants removed and the resulting breast appearance.

If the implants to be removed are saline then typically the capsule does not get removed. Therefore, there is no significant change to the breast blood supply. In this situation a breast lift is possible with little additional risk.

Conversely, if the implant to be removed is silicone then the capsule is usually removed with the ruptured implant. This can challenge the blood supply to the breast and nipple. In this situation the conservative and safer approach would be to do the two procedures at separate settings.

Removal of Breast Implants with Breast Lift is usually performed concurrently

Hi there-

In my practice, we would always do these procedures at the same time, unless the reason for implant removal is a significant infection of the implants.

I can think of no benefit to staging them otherwise.

Breast lift at the time of removal of a ruptured implant

There should be no problem removing your ruptured implant and  performing a breast lift at the same time.   The biggest concern is if you are a good candidate for a breast lift.  Some times with an implant the skin will be stretched so thin that it makes a breast lift a riskier procedure. 

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Breast implants exchange

You certainly can have your implant removed and replaced. Additionally a lift can be performed. The biggest potential issue in augmentation/lift surgeries is whether the nipple can stand the operation, meaning there is always of chance of poor healing around the nipple/areola and possible loss. Check with a couple of board certified plastic surgeons to get a complete exam.

Good Luck.

Ruptured breast implants and lift

If you are having your implants removed only and not replaced, it would be better to wait to see how much of a lift you'll need once your tissues have settled.  Also, the risk of nipple loss from circulation compromise goes down if you wait.  If oyu are having implants replaced and think you'll need a small lift as well, you could probably have this done at the same time depending on your anatomy.  Although it may be cheaper to do everything together, I feel that your cosmetic result will be better if you stage the surgeries.  Good luck, /nsn.

Nina S. Naidu, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implant removal and lift can be done together

Of course they can be done at the same time. Your issue is insurance and where and costs to you. In Florida, to have insurance pay for the removal, it must be done in a hospital or ambulatory surgery center. The reimbursement is very low to the doctor, less than $800. Than you will have to pay for the cosmetic portion or lifting at the center and for the doctor. This will be thousands of dollars. Maybe a range of $4000 to $10,000. Go see 3 boarded plastic surgeons in your area.

PS There can be a reason to separate the operations but we do not know your history or have photos. Regards.

Generally safe to remove implants and perform breast lift at the same time

Most plastic surgeons would consider removal of implants and breast lift a safe combination. When a breast lift is performed, incisions are necessary on the breasts, and the breast tissue is reshaped. If your implants are under the muscles, then the blood supply is better preserved to your breasts and the operation has less risk of poor healing due to decreased blood supply to the tissues.

If your implants are on top of the muscles, then the blood supply to your breasts has been interrupted to some degree. This increases the risk of healing problems and might limit your surgeons options in reshaping your breasts. In this situation, if your surgeon anticipates an extensive lifting procedure, then he or she might recommend removing the implants at a first operation, allowing some healing time, and then lifting your breasts at a second operation. This could certainly cost more, but might be necessary for your safety and for the best result.

Michael D. Yates, MD
Huntsville Plastic Surgeon
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Implant Removal and Lift

It can be done together but it just depends on the circumstance. If you are talking about old ruptured silicone implants then you may be better off waiting if there is any chance of rupture outside the capsule (extracapsular). If this is the case, I tend to stage the procedure. If this is not the case and if it is a newer silicone or saline implants then it is fine to do both at the same time.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Ruptured Implant

Ruptured implant, I think you mean a Silicone implant.

When a ruptured silcone implant is removed, we would like to remove it with an intact capsule, to prevent contamination of the rest of breast tissue. This can be extensive surgery. Since we do not know if the implant is in the submuscular or subgladular position. Then do you want the implant replaced? theen the magnitude of the breast lift needed?

Get more than one opinion, then choose the safest method regardless of the cost. Patient safety first.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implant removal and lift go together

There are a lot of variables to consider, so the usual disclaimer about not being able to give specific advice without seeing the patient in person applies. One of these is whether or not new impants are going to be put in, which is the case most of the time.

Since you didn't indicate that was the plan, a lift is most likely to be needed and that is a lot of surgery for the breast at one time; however, most of the time it works out well. The total costs would be less by combining the procedures but again there are variables to consider. For example, the facility that accepts insurance coverage for the removal might turn out to be more costly for the cosmetic privately paid portion of the procedure.

These are all things to ask your surgeon about so you know what you are getting into both in terms of risks/benefits and costs.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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