Are Rolled Up Yoga Mats Better Than Boppy Pillows for Using After Brazilian Butt Lift?

I was wondering if a yoga mat rolled was better than a boppy pillow to use after Brazilian butt lift surgery?

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Pillows for your recovery

Postoperatively there shouldn't be pressure on your fat grafts no matter which type of pillow you use.  The experts in the country that present to us at our society meetings teach that these pillows are a great idea for the initial 2 weeks.  Not all pillows mentioned but a roll pillow to sit on using the thigh (not buttocks) seems very safe.  Those that present to our society have many thousand patients and in fact have popularized the operation in America.  I tend to believe their protocols but more importantly they make sense.  One thing is for sure, there's no absolute answer for this one but we all seem to agree that avoiding pressure on the far grafts early on makes common sense.  Best wishes!

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Pressure after Brazilian Butt Lift

After Brazilian butt lift, or autologous fat grafting, one should not place ANY pressure on the buttocks, no matter what pillow one uses. The fat graft, which is essentially devoid of blood supply when grafted into the buttocks, must regenerate this blood supply to survive, and can only do so in the absence of undue pressure. Plastic surgeons, including myself, often recommed a change in the positioning with regards to all aspects of a patient's life (sleeping, working, eating, exercising, etc.) so as to minimize the pressure on the buttocks. So whatever pillow you choose to use, it the positioning (i.e. staying off of the buttocks) that really counts in alleviating the pressure, and promoting optimal healing after Brazilian butt lift. Hope this helps. Good luck and fare well.

Boppy Pillows for the Brazilian Butt Lift?

I do not recommend Yoga Mats, Boppy Pillows or Doughnuts!  If you have hemorrhoids or an episiotomy they may be helpful.  They are intended to take pressure off of the perineum (anus/vaginal area) They do this by placing all of the pressure on your buttocks cheeks.  It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to use these for recovery from the Brazilian Butt Lift! I have performed this procedure for 14 years with beautiful results and would never recommend someone use these devices.

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